• Enrolment

    All new students or parents/guardians of students will be asked by reception to fill in a student information sheet. This is to ensure we have all the correct contact information and authorised person(s) for drop off and collection of children from music lessons.

  • Trial Lessons

    Trail lessons can be organised for prospective students to give the student & parent an introduction to the instrument, teacher and the structure of the lessons and to answer any questions they might have. The lesson fee must be paid in reception prior to taking the trial lesson. If after the trail lesson you wish to avail of the available slot please discuss fees & enrolment at reception.

  • Attendance

    Whether classes are taken or missed payment in full must be made for all classes. If the student is absent classes will not be made up. Due to restrictions within the timetable teachers are unable to make up missed lessons but will try to accommodate missed lessons were possible. We cannot guarantee we can make up a missed lesson. For any students who cannot make it to lessons, please out of politeness to the teacher can you notify the school in advance as early as possible. If the teacher is not able to attend for a class, the school will, were possible notify the student in advance as early as possible or have organised a fully qualified substitute teacher. If this is not possible, a make-up lesson will be arranged or a refund will be given.

  • Drop Off & Collection of Students

    Please ensure your child is dropped off and collected in a reasonable time frame before the lesson starts and after the lesson is concluded. No children should be left waiting for extended periods either side of lessons in any area of the premises. All children should wait and be collected in reception to ensure health and safety of all students in the school. The Academy is not responsible for any student outside of the assigned lesson time or off the premises.

  • Payment

    All fees are determined by The Cassidy Academy of Music and must be paid prior to the beginning of your class. Fee schedules will be advised to you at the beginning of each term, should fees not be paid students will not be admitted to class if fees are not paid by this date. Late payment will incur an extra charge of 10%.

    Students who pay by instalments and have an agreed date of payment who’s fees are not paid by the agreed dates will have their classes suspended and may lose their place. Fees can be paid in cheque, cash or Visa Debit (this can be done over the phone with reception).

    Payments by credit card will incur a 2% charge due to fees passed on by credit card companies to The Cassidy Academy of Music.

    By enrolling in The Cassidy Academy and/or making any payments in respect of fees or deposit payments you are agreeing to Academy’s policies outlined in this document.

  • Deposits

    Due to demand for lessons at The Cassidy Academy of Music all students who wish to reserve a specific time slot for each term will be asked to secure their place in advance with a €100.00 deposit. This deposit will be payable in the final weeks of each term and will be held and deducted off the next term fees.

    Students who do not secure their time slot with a deposit will be allocated a time slot during the general admissions process if there are any places/slots remaining. Therefore we highly recommend securing your place and preferred time with a deposit as early as possible.

    Deposits are strictly non refundable.

  • Cancellations

    The school reserves the right to cancel any individual or group lesson because of insufficient enrolment. In such an event all fees will be refunded.

  • Covid-19 Government Imposed Restrictions

    Should government imposed restrictions or advice in regards to Covid-19 lead to the temporary closure of the school for in-person classes, students enrolled will be given online lessons. No deferrals or refunds are offered in this situation.

  • Red Weather Alerts

    In the event of a red weather alert parents and students will be notified of the Academy being closed by 9am that day via text message. All lessons will be made up during the next available date as arranged by the individual teachers. No refunds will be given on lessons missed if you can’t make your make up lesson.

  • Exams

    All students who wish to partake in exams are facilitated by The Cassidy Academy of Music at various times in the year. Exams are held with the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

    Please note The Cassidy Academy of Music generously hosts the exams for the Royal Irish Academy of Music to facilitate our students in the environment they learn in. All fees, times and conditions are set down by the Royal Irish Academy of Music. No Change can be made to allocated exam time made by the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

    Fees for each grade can be seen on the Royal Irish Academy of Music website. Accompanist fees for Violin, Singing & Flute are payable to the accompanist on the exam day.

  • Discontinuance

    The Cassidy Academy of Music reserves the right to withdraw the enrolment of any student who misses three consecutive lessons without notification, who has a pattern of absence or who is constantly late. All students or parents on behalf of students must give 2 weeks notice in writing if they wish to discontinue with lessons. All fees for the term must be paid in full regardless of the student finishing the term.

  • Refunds

    No refunds are given except in circumstances determined by The Cassidy Academy of Music.